Tooth Whitening

At Affinity Dental Care we deliver practical, functional and aesthetic solutions for healthy teeth to ensure that not only you have a natural looking smile but the confidence to go with it.

Obviously we all eat and drink and these contain colours that overtime can discolour your teeth by staining on the outer surface but more so with time the teeth absorb the colours and darken. One of the main discolouring agents is the cooking oils we use all the time!! Teeth can also darken from metal fillings and if they have had root canal treatment.

Over the years we have tried many systems. We find that the most consistent way to lighten your teeth is to fabricate some accurate fitting thin teeth trays (similar but MUCH thinner than sports gum shields) that are worn overnight on your teeth. These hold the active whitening gel which will break down the dark colour factors and lighten your teeth. People’s teeth respond at different rates and we instruct you on dos and don’ts. We then review you at the 2 week mark and analyse the results. (Some people may need longer application time.)

Can I have my veneers or crowns whitened?

We recommend alteration of veneers, crowns or fillings which can be advised upon assessment as these will not respond or change colour with our whitening treatments.

How long do results last?

Unfortunately, as we all consume food and drink, results won't last forever, therefore Affinity advises that for one night every two months, trays are worn with the whitening gel as a top up to keep your teeth consistently white and bright.

To find out more about our tooth whitening treatments from our practice in Gloucester please contact our team.