Routine Care

Prevention is always better than cure and the maintenance of your teeth is probably the most important aspect of dentistry. We recommend twice yearly visits for all but the most dentally fit patients. This allows us to thoroughly inspect teeth and gums and surrounding tissues for signs of dental disease or cancer. The more often you come to the dentist when you are not in pain the less likely you will be to need to visit when you are.

Our membership schemes are designed to ensure regular care and offer 10% off treatment when needed, or we offer a complete care programme which covers all treatments not requiring laboratory work.

While your cleaning regime at home is critical you need to pop in for a service now and then to make sure everything is in order. A regular visit to our dental hygienist team will ensure your daily routine is working properly and catch any potential issues before they turn into a problem.


We no longer use metal fillings. If you have old, discoloured, or visible unsightly silver fillings these can be replaced with invisible tooth coloured fillings. Modern filling materials are more stain resistant and polished than previous generations.