I have recently had PST treatment on my upper teeth/gums with Peter Workman and have nothing but praise for him and the staff at Affinity Dental Care. The team made me feel welcome and at ease whilst being professional at all times. I welcomed Peter’s honesty and sense of humour! My case was somewhat complicated but Peter took me on and did a marvellous job. He is passionate about his work and this is evident when you have treatment with him. I travelled quite a distance for my treatment/appointments but it was worth it and I am now considering having my bottom teeth/gums treated as well.


N Bodkin

Very helpful, honest but most of all friendly and welcoming. Having moved to the area 2 years ago trying to find the right dentist has been hard for me, I am not afraid of them but it helps when you have someone that makes you feel safe and calm, especially when you know you will be spending quite a bit of time there. Christy is lovely and explains everything so that you understand it and gives you affordable options, helpful when you have a list as long as your arm of what needs doing.

E Shaw

Excellent practice, knowledgeable friendly team, painless too, always a bonus!

B Lee

Don't know where to start, this dental practice has been fantastic to me and my troublesome tooth. It all started in 2012 when I just arrived back after a rugby game having my tooth knocked out with an exposed nerve, asked the lovely receptionist if there was anything they could do whilst holding a plastic cup half filled with milk containing my detached tooth (last ditch to save my tooth). They couldn't do anything that night but they booked me in the next day, that's when Imet Peter and little did he know our path was going to cross more than once (3 times to be exact). Peter has been amazing and very professional when dealing with me and has a great sense of humour! So the first treatment was a root canal removal and then fitting a cap in, he then told me that I needed a crown (didn't listen), then came the 2nd appointment when I tried to ripe tape by using my teeth during my uni lecture, half way through my lecture I called up asking if they had any time available they slotted me in after my lecture, where I was welcomed by Peter with a grin on his face whilst calling me an idiot and I should have listened to him! So that day we got a crown! Couple of years have past and Peter must have thought he had got rid of me, welcome to the present day yesterday whilst watching England struggle to beat Tunisia and Harry kane scored a late winning goal I decided to jump head first into someone's elbow and too my shock my tooth shattered into 3 bits, today I called up the receptionist asking if there is any free slots and they again slotted me in

P Jones
"I am delighted with the recent treatments I have received from both Mr Allen & Mr Workman and their team. It was easy to arrange the appointments to suit my diary. Mr Allen left me with a super temporary set whilst the new veneers & crowns were being made and I was consulted at all stages as to the finish of them with relation to colour etc. The results exceeded my expectations. I was nervous at having a change in clinic for my filler injections however Mr Workman was excellent and discussed all my requirements prior to the appointment, Again i was very pleased with the results and I will certainly continue to see Mr Workman for this treatment. Having been a patient with Affinity since the start I have always been delighted with the level of service I have received from the clinic."

Please see our picture gallery for photos of P Jones work.

C Waldron
"I'd been unhappy with the way my teeth looked since childhood and had in the past settled for temporary measures to improve my smile. With this in mind I decided to visit Peter Workman and the team at Affinity with a view to something more permanent.

Peter was very helpful in planning out a relatively short (approx. 6 month) treatment involving Powerprox braces and bridges to straighten my teeth and fill gaps where I was missing teeth from birth. He explained the possible options available to me and was keen to ensure I was completely happy with the work before I agreed to anything. The treatment was affordable and professionally carried out. He was even available to accommodate me evenings after I moved to Bristol for work. The treatment was surprisingly painless, despite the short treatment time, and the result are everything I had hoped for. I now feel a lot more confident smiling! Every visit was a pleasure, as the entire team at Affinity were very friendly and approachable. I'd highly recommend them to anyone!"

Please see our picture gallery for the photos of Mr Waldrons work

K Hurley
"Mini implants have made a fantastic difference to my false teeth, I would recommend these to anyone."

J Morris
"My thanks go to Peter Workman for helping solve my sleep problems by advising a Snoreguard, both myself and my husband (more to the point) are benefiting from a good night’s sleep. I have so much more energy during the day and wish I had known about and done this years ago."

R Lee
"Dont hesitate to pick Affinity Dental Care for cosmetic work. Amazing Attention to detail. Peter Workman and his staff are adorable."

C Hosler
"Fully recommend these guys!!

I came to Peter Workman after 8 years of putting off the dentist, mostly due to a bad experience with a NHS surgery. The whole service at Affinity is very professional, as a nervous patient I was constantly made to feel at ease and told exactly what the dentist was doing every step of the way, After 8 years I was lucky to only need a little work (one filling) which I can honestly say I didn't feel a thing. I think I will always be a little nervous at the dentist but no longer have the intense fear that prevented me from going for so long."

J Caple
"I would like to record a heart-felt "Thank you" to the dental team at Affinity at 22 Cheltenham Road Gloucester for their professionalism, sound advice and customer care both before, during and after my implant procedure.

I was devastated when my previous dentist told me there was no option but to extract my eye tooth, as both the crown and the root of the tooth had become damaged. The cost he quoted for an implant procedure was beyond my means, but also I knew I would feel very self-conscious about a large gap close to the front of my mouth (I also have a missing incisor which never grew, making my teeth slightly off-side as it is!).

I was recommended to Dr Workman by a friend of a friend who had had implant treatment with him and was very satisfied with the outcome.

I was very pleased to find on approaching him for a quote that the cost was at least one quarter cheaper than my original quote; so I went ahead with it (not without considerable trepidation on my part!) and the end result was definitely worth the financial outlay. Throughout the implant process and in all my dealings with the surgery over the past several years, the level of professionalism and customer care I have experienced from the team at Affinity, including both Dental Surgeons, the Hygienist and the receptionist has been second to none."

Pat O
"I was terrified of dentists because of bad experiences as a child. I soon realised that I had found people who understood how I felt and were prepared to be patient with me. I have always been very pleased with the high standard of work that has been done on my teeth both as treatments and preventative work via the hygienist"

I Condie
"You are met by welcoming, competent reception staff who are interested in you.Liz the hygienist is always friendly, efficient and willing to advise on dental care techniques.Dr Allen has been our family dentist since his arrival in Gloucester. He is very kind, gentle and considerate. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone - particularly patients of a nervous disposition!The surgery runs a Dental Plan to which we subscribe. And no, dental care is not cheap, but this certainly spreads the cost and gives peace of mind. We wouldn't go anywhere else."

S Waple
"From my first visit to Affinity, I received exactly what I expected and hoped for. Polite, and professional service.

Dr Workman is knowledgeable, clear and concise in his manner. After my first visit the cost for the treatment I needed was set out for me. As I was happy to have more than one filling done at a time, in only 4 visits my teeth are back to full health. That said, they would have been equally happy to take things more slowly doing each filling individually.

I know that private dental treatment is more expensive that NHS treatment, but the value of knowing that the job has been done right, first time, using the most up-to-date processes for me is priceless. I'm not going to say that treatment is cheap, but then quality never is, and I do believe that they provided me with value for money."

John G
"My teeth were in a bad state from the off he (peter workman) explained to me what he could do, the options, the costs and how long it would take. After a few visits and a lot of work I am delighted with the results.