Dental Implants

Dental teeth implants are a modern and completely reliable method of effectively replacing single or multiple missing teeth or crowns permanently. They restore and enhance dental function while improving the aesthetics of the teeth which in turn will boost confidence and increase quality of life.

The treatment is usually undertaken in two parts, consisting of a titanium alloy root (a bit like a rawlplug) and a connector which carries the false tooth implant. At Affinity Dental Care our team of dental surgeons will embed the alloy root into the jawbone beneath the gum in a separate procedure to the connector which when finished will look and feel similar to the original tooth or teeth that were missing.

This treatment can also be used as a method of replacing an entire arch of missing teeth or a full arch denture.

When you lose a single tooth or multiple teeth this can lead to shrinkage in the jawbone which in turn can lead to aging and movement of existing teeth.

Mini Implants

Our mini dental implants were developed to anchor loose dentures and act like the root of the tooth allowing crowns or dentures to be securely attached without the requirement for as many visits.

Smaller and simpler than conventional tooth implants they are also cheaper.

In many cases our mini implants can be connected and used on the day that they are placed, leaving you with a natural beautiful, smile.

To find out more about our teeth implant procedures or mini dental implants please contact our team at our Gloucestershire based practice.