COVID-19 Information

Practice Policy

We are open! Please bear with us whilst we work through the back log of patients from lockdown.

Patients are welcome to call the practice and book or re-schedule routine examination appointments should they wish.

We have implemented additional new measures into the practice which keep both our employees and patients safe, please ensure that any documentation sent to you prior to your appointment is read thoroughly before your visit.

Please note, the surcharges outlined below apply to all appointments. We will endeavour to remove and or reduce these charges when costs and or guidelines change.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Covid 19 Surcharges

Due to COVID 19 we have implemented surcharges to help cover the financial implications associated with Covid-19 safety measures. We are reviewing these monthly.
​The charges set out are calculated on the individual factors for two categories.

NON AGP Appointments £5 (Non Aerosol Generating Procedure)
AGP Appointments £15 (Aerosol Generating Procedure) use of instruments that create a spray such as a drill or ultrasonic.

These surcharges do not only cover the cost of the PPE but many other factors, which we outline below.


For a NON AGP appointment, the surcharge covers the costs for:

- increased cost of PPE

- increased usage of PPE

- increased cost of clinical waste disposal

- additional time needed in between appointments for a more rigorous clean of the surgery between patients.


For an AGP appointment, the surcharge covers the costs for:

- increased cost of PPE

- increase usage of PPE

- increase cost of clinical waste disposal

- additional PPE required (such as gowns, visors, IIR face masks, FFP3 face masks)

- increased cost of clinical waste disposal

- FALLOW period of one hour required before the next appointment can take place in the dental surgery

- extensive deep cleaning between the end of the fallow period and the next appointment (this is 30 minutes)

Due to the above factors, our available appointment time has significantly been reduced and has resulted in us not being able to see as many patients daily.