Cerec Crowns

As you are aware, Affinity Dental Care takes pride in investing in the best for the future. In 2016 Affinity Dental Care invested in a CEREC Machine and we bet you are thinking what is it?

Imagine that you could have a Crown or a Bridge done in one single visit? For us having a CEREC machine means we can offer our Patients a faster and more comfortable treatment. Using a CEREC Machine to make a crown means that the patient no longer needs an impression or a temporary crown; we can do it in just one visit!

How is it done in just one visit?

Initially for crowns and bridges, an appointment would be scheduled for a Crown or Bridge preparation; an impression would then be taken and sent to a Lab. Two weeks later when the Laboratory returns the tooth an appointment is scheduled for the tooth to be fitted.

Using the Cerec Machine there is 4 stages to making the crown or bridge. An appointment will be scheduled for a length period of time in the surgery. In place of an impression, the dentist will scan the tooth using digital impression using a Cerec Omnicam. After analysing the scan, the dentist will then spend time designing the crown. Once the Crown or Bridge is designed, it will be sent to the CEREC Machine to be milled. You can watch this happen in our hallway whilst you wait. Once the CEREC Machine has finished milling it will be time to fit the crown. If the dentist has used a specific material different to normal then another stage would be needed for the Crown or Bridge to be glazed. This is done by putting the tooth/teeth in a Furnace.

The process of a Cerec Crown or Bridge is very simple and has many benefits to the patient.

  • No impressions
  • No temporary fix
  • No need to have it fitted two weeks later
  • One single crown can be fitted in just under two hours

For more information about a CEREC Crown or Bridge call our Practice on 01452 526526.

The benefits of a Cerec Crown

Dental crowns can improve your oral health and also improve the appearance of your smile. You may need a crown for many reasons and this could be due to dental decay or trauma, having a crown is a common tooth restoration procedure that is recommended worldwide by dentists.

There are many reasons why Cerec Crowns have benefits and here's just a few of them listed below.

Same Day Dental Crowns are Convenient
For many patients, this is the greatest benefit of CEREC same day crowns. You no longer have to wait a few weeks for your crown to be sent off to a lab and returned, meaning you would have needed mutiple visits. Now patients need 1 simple visit and it can be done here on-site.

No More Temporary Dental Crowns
If you have had a crown before, you will understand that often traditional lab made crowns require dentist to place a temporary crown whilst you wait for the lab to make your crown. Having the benefit of CEREC same day crowns means there is no need for a temporary crown.

No more More Messy Dental impressions
Traditionally dental crowns require the use of impression trays. Many patients do not like having dental impressions as they can be messy and very uncomfortable. With same day dental Crowns, digitial tools eliminate the need for these trays as your dentist works on designing your crown.

So if you want to have a same day crown, call us on 01452 526526.


Remember: It's important to remember that your dentist reserves the right to decide if your case may have to be lab fabricated instead.