Cutting Edge Technology

Superior service and your safety is at the forefront of what we do which is why we continue to invest in the latest technological advancements. Our scanning machines allow us to see your anatomy in superb detail enabling us to offer you the best care and treatment options with the added benefit of cutting the time you are exposed to x-rays ensuring your safety.

Our new Gendex GX DP-700 digital x-ray and CBCT machine allows us to see you in ways you cannot imagine. It gives us the ability to look at your teeth, sinuses, jaw and jaw joints in a fantastic 3-dimensional detail. With this cutting edge technology, we can show you exactly what we can see and explain clearly what the issue is and why we have chosen a particular treatment for you.

If you would like to know more information about the GX DP-700 series please click the link below

Your body has a tremendous ability to heal. We use two fantastic tools to enhance those mechanisms.

Dental lasers can promote accelerated healing after a procedure.

L-PRF – this is from your own blood we take before a surgical procedure. We process it chairside and we produce a super concentrated product that has condensed the bodies healing chemicals into one small bundle that we apply to the wound. This promotes a less uncomfortable wound site that also heals much faster.

Please note: For all Dental Professionals we accept referrals for OPG/3D CBCT/Lateral Ceph/Sinus and TMJ.

Gendex Digital X-Ray